Many people jump into the real estate game part time to test the waters and build up a client base.  While this strategy, helps you pay bills with your regular full time job it can also hinder your progress in real estate.

While quitting a job is no easy task, this real estate agent found themselves in this position. After spending time working both as a pharmacist and real estate agent, they finally decided to focus on only one job. In doing so, they were able to figure out a great many things.

  • First, they realized that taking the time to just think of their goals and strategies helped tremendously.
  • Second, they learned to focus. They found themselves easily distracted and busy while working so much and after a while realized how much time was saved in focusing on what is important.
  • Third, they focused on getting organized. This was done with a 12 month calendar to let them look forward to things in the upcoming months.
  • Next, they learned flexibility. Quitting their structured job allowed for them to find more time to spend on activities that would pay off in the long run such as meeting with a potential business partner.
  • Lastly, they learned to be more energized. In quitting their job, they’ve found themselves more energized and in the process of learning how to structure their weeks.

Plenty of benefits and success can be had if you put all your energy and effort into the business of real estate.

Key Points:

  • 1Focus on a few goals and dedicate all of your energy to them. It is tough to become good at something if you are focused on a number of things which divide your attention.
  • 2Organization is important. Having a calendar, a planner, or some other way to keep everything in order is essential to success.
  • 3Create flexibility in your life so that you can focus your time on what really matters. Free up time for opportunities to meet with people and spend time with family; it will be positive for business.

Being around other like-minded investors and entrepreneurs, helped me decide to transition from being a 10% entrepreneur to being one full time.