What It Takes to Be a Successful Real Estate Investor?

Investing in real estate can be a savvy way to build wealth, diversify your investments, generate monthly income, enjoy tax advantages — or all of the above.

Lucky for us, there are different ways to invest in real estate, with varying levels of time and financial commitment.

Take this quiz for insight into what kind of real estate investment may be right for you.

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Question 1

How clear are you about WHY you want to change your life with a.?

Question 2

Have you written down your WHY?

Question 3

How strongly do you feel about your WHY?

Question 4

How dissatisfied are you with your current situation?

Question 5

How clear are you about your goals?

Question 6

Have you written down your goals?

Question 7

How badly do you want to achieve those goals?

Question 8

How acceptable would it be if you did NOT achieve your goals?

Question 9

How big are your 5-year goals?

Question 10

How realistic are your goals for the first 12-months?

Question 11

How much money do you have for real estate investing?

Question 12

How much money could you raise from people you already know in 30

Question 13

How much time can you dedicate each and every week?

Question 14

How much of a consistent action-taker are you?

You’re Done!

Based on your answers, consider a vacation home you can rent out