The AAPL are a professional company that ensure that people are connected to individuals that are trustworthy in the real estate investment business. Trust is one of the biggest elements that AAPL believes is needed when one is investing in real estate. They do things different than other companies by adhering to a member code of ethics.

  • The first item in the code of ethics states that members must abide by the law.
  • The second says that no one can be discriminated against for various reasons.
  • The third is a big one to AAPL, and that is to be honest doing business.
  • Number four speaks of making sure loan terms aren’t changed unless it is necessary and is understood and accepted by all parties.
  • The fifth is all about sticking to advertising laws.
  • Finally, the last item is to always respect intellectual property of owners.

American Association of Private lenders or AAPL is a voluntary membership organization that lenders join that sets standards for professional conduct and has a written code of ethics.  This can give you peace of mind that these lenders take the trust you are putting in them to fund your projects very seriously.  If you are looking for real estate investors turning to the AAPL is a good safe source to get referrals.

The AAPL has a yearly convention.

Key Points:

  • 1If you are looking for capital, consider calling the AAPL for referrals.
  • 2Members of the AAPL take pride in this organization.
  • 3You may verify a member’s status at

Every day at AAPL, we work to bring that trust to our industry.