Paul Moore reached the finals of the Ernst & Young competition for Entrepreneur of the Year, in Michigan. At Wellings Capital he’s a managing partner, and has definitely had a strange and successful ride through life thus far. His financial knowledge about investing and turning real estate into an ongoing and lucrative source of passive income is top notch. Throughout his career in property investment, he’s had highs and lows that have seen him swing millions of dollars to either side of zero. From this, he’s taken a number of unique insights that can educate and encourage other real estate investors, whether they’re new and just getting in or veterans of the field. Paul sees the model for passive real estate investments in several key and distinct ways, each of which has strengths and weaknesses, and can articulate them so you can look at what might best suit your needs as well as investing personality. A key to remember, though, is that passive income investment doesn’t mean you never take hands-on action. It’s still an investment, and while the goal is for it to run successfully without your involvement, setting up and managing these kinds of ongoing revenue streams are never going to be truly hands off. Paul Moore can help you learn the business, and prepare yourself for what it takes to get invested.

Key Points:

  • 1This episode is definitely electric because we’re touching on different things from human trafficking to mentorship to whatever.
  • 2Basically there are different paths to take down the passive real estate investing road.
  • 3There is engagement but you more or less sit back and get the checks in the mail as they say.

As a finalist for the Ernst & Young Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year for two years straight, Paul shares his rags-to-riches story from having $1.5 million in the bank to $2.5 million in debt, and then back again.