Real estate marketing is a viable option in order to expand one’s real estate endeavors. There are many different ways in a real estate professional can market themselves thus growing their business and improving their profile. There are several different creative and innovative ways in which a real estate professional can market. These include;

  • Lead generating software such as LeadPages.
  • Using free services such as Google Voice which is especially nice for those on a budget.
  • Facebook insight which has 79 percent of the US as users.
  • Using HootSuite to manage their social media accounts and contact, Paradym and Quicksprout.
  • Using Google Analytics in order to collect data so that you can analyze data, possible see trends or patterns.
  • Mailchimp and survey monkey can aid in email marketing.
  •  CRM or customer relationship management systems are recommended as a way to keep track of leads and to have easy access to customer contacts and information.

All of these tools or services are recommended to use for real estate marketing. The use of these tools can help a real estate professional achieve greater success.

Key Points:

  • 1Facebook Insight, Google Voice and Google Analytics are useful marketing tools associated with two of the largest forces on the internet.
  • 2Hoot Suite and Buffer allow you to manage social media streams on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and others.
  • 3If you are interested in engaging customers through email or surveys, MailChimp and SurveyMonkey are two resources that will make things easier.

Real estate blogging is yet another fast, affordable way to spread the word about your company. The best part is, you can start writing before you even begin flipping houses.