A real estate portfolio is a physical file that compiles all of your current real estate assets and past projects that you have sold.  It should provide an overall summary of the properties you have in contract, in progress and sold.  It should also go through a compilation of the types of properties you buy, cost per square foot and the average profit you make on each deal.  It should also be specific.  There should be a page that details the specifics on each real estate project.

You need to design your portfolio in a way that it is easily updated.  New projects will come on board and closed projects could be sold, so all your information is fluid.  A good portfolio will help you land more deals, obtain financing and grow your wealth.

A real estate portfolio is an invaluable tool that will help you:

  • Dazzle in presentations.
  • Showcase your work and your profits.
  • Obtain financing.
  • Gather new investors.

Key Points:

  • 1A portfolio is an essential tool for building your real estate investment business.
  • 2A portfolio is a compilation of different investments that showcase your goals and strategies.
  • 3You can build a portfolio by analyzing potential investments and adding them to your portfolio if they will help reach your goals.

Much more than a cosmetic gimmick, a real estate portfolio is essentially your resume to provide others with in the event you hope to do business together in the future