Though it might not seem like it, the real hurdle with real estate investing isn’t coming up with the funds to invest with. It’s knowing what to invest in, which properties to focus on and which are lemons you’ll never make sweet. Educating yourself is key if you want your investments to trend toward the good rather than the disastrous. But how to learn? One simple way that almost anyone can fit into their schedule, one that can actually be more beneficial the more time you spend on the go, is turning to podcasts that cover the field of real estate.

10 Top Podcast Resources

  1. GetWealthFit Podcast
  2. The Investor’s Podcast
  3. Real Estate Today Radio
  4. Keeping It Real
  5. BiggerPockets Podcast
  6. Motley Fool Money Show
  7. School of Greatness
  8. Smart Passive Income
  9. Social Media Marketing
  10. Freakonomics Radio

A ton of information goes into the principles of sound real estate investment. How to spot good properties from bad, when to buy or when to sell, methods and techniques for renovations and repairs, and more are all necessary things to learn about if you want to invest successfully. With a podcast, you just need time to listen. As long as you think about what you’re listening to, the audio format can combine with other activities like commuting or exercising, and let you be following your goal of becoming a successful real estate investor despite your busy schedule. Finding the podcasts can take some research, but compared to absorbing the lessons these podcasts will teach, that’s the easy part. Start with best of lists, look for names that continually pop up on real estate blogs, and start learning today.

Key Points:

  • 1When trying to up your investor IQ at the same time you’re starting a real estate business, it can feel like there’s too much to cover, and not enough time to cover it.
  • 2Although there may not be a one-size-fits-all path to get into real estate investing, there are a few steps that all aspiring entrepreneurs could benefit from.
  • 3After you take stock of your personal goals, it’s time to dip your toes in the water and begin learning about real estate investing. Try researching the various investing strategies available to you.

Start by taking stock of your current financial standing. Evaluate where you are in life professionally, and what your financial goals are for the future.