Spring is traditionally a very competitive and busy market for real estate sales. With lawns and landscaping coming back to life after winter, and before the heat of the summer hits, homes and property is usually at its best curbside appeal for the year. For anyone looking to sell, the best time to try to get a great offer is during spring. And for investors or buyers hoping to find the right property to put their money on, spring will see prices going up rather than down.

Even if you’re an experienced property investor, it can be tough to avoid being swept up into the hunt for the right purchase. When it looks as good as it does, and the bids start coming in, sometimes wanting to close the deal can overwhelm the awareness that in a few months prices will usually be lower. Veteran real estate agents and market watchers like to point out it’s critical to stay aware of what your desires are telling you, especially when they differ from what your knowledge of the market teaches. Keeping the correct goal in mind, knowing when to buy and when to sell, is key to staying away from letting spring fever walk you right into a deal you’ll later regret. And, if nothing else, you can wait, then prepare a portfolio for next spring’s upward price ticks.

Key Points:

  • 1More retail buyers move during the spring over ever other season
  • 2More buyers mean more competition for purchasing investment properties.
  • 3Investors need to look for deals that retail buyers are overlooking.

Most investors will tell you bluntly: the key to success in real estate investing is to not put too much stock in “the rules.”