There are three main investment strategies for beginners in real estate. The first is called wholesaling. Wholesaling is when someone acts as almost a middle man between buyers and sellers. They make their money by buying property that is under market value and reselling it to someone who is willing to pay more for it. It’s a fast way to get started, but to be successful it’s important to have contacts that you are able to sell to. The second option for beginners is prehabbing. This is when someone buys a property and puts money into it to fix it up allowing them to sell it for a profit. A few of the ways someone can prehab a property is by cleaning, painting, or landscaping. It only involves minimum upgrades instead of major remodeling. The third way that a beginner can get into real estate is REIT investing. REIT investing is when you invest in a company that does real estate and profit off the dividend of the shares. They pay above average in dividends compared to other types of investing. When it comes down to how to be successful in these things, networking is very important. It allows you to learn more and create contacts in the same field as you. Reading more about real estate investing can also help you out when it comes to being a beginner.

Key Points:

  • 1Real estate is a very attractive money making opportunity for a lot of people.
  • 2Real estate allows for multiple income streams for people that do not want the traditional job.
  • 3Real estate has proven to be profitable year after year and many people are trying it.

Whether you plan to pursue investing full time or just as a side hustle, real estate has proven its profitability time and time again.