Real estate wholesaling is a great way to not only invest quickly into real estate, but also to profit from that investing. With real estate wholesaling, you never actually own the property you’re moving. To make such deals work, someone wholesaling real estate needs to have solid skills and talents in both personal networking and marketing and advertising. You use your networking skills to build a contact list, from which you determine buyers for properties you might invest in. Then you bring your marketing acumen to bear, and advertise the potential deal to the list of buyers you’ve assembled. When you have the right buyer lined up, you simply stay in touch with them while turning the contract for the property around to them to purchase. And it’s that simple, a real estate transaction you’re at the center of, without ever actually owning it. You profit from your investment not by realizing a difference between the sale and purchase price, but rather from finding the right buys and the right buyers who will agree to a finder’s fee, sometimes called an assignment fee, in the deal you facilitate. And since this fee is often based on the sale price, for some properties and deals it can build up to something quite lucrative.

Key Points:

  • 1There are seven simple but key steps in the Wholesale Real Estate business.
  • 2Key qualities of being an wholesale investor is an expert marketeer and savvy network person.
  • 3Follow this step by step guide and you will on your way to the Wholesale Real Estate business.

a wholesaler builds relationships with other professionals in the industry in order to create a buyers list