The city of Indianapolis is a rising star in the housing markets for middle America. While real estate in locations on either of America’s coasts make for splashy pictures, increasingly people are turning inward as they look to settle down. Six different Interstates connect to Indianapolis, truly making it a meeting place for the country. The housing market in Indianapolis is predicted to not just hold steady, but even produce reasonable growth in a number of key housing metrics, including valuation. This means houses bought today are predicted to grow in value in the next few years, and there is a good body of data to support this view. Home owners, whether they’re residential or investors, can expect to see solid profit percentages on the funds they park in a piece of Indianapolis property. In fact, some reputable real estate firms expect to see increases of more than seven percent in housing prices by the end of 2020; which is a solid gain for anyone looking for a short-term real estate holding. Looking out to the three year mark, expectations are quite high for continued growth in housing value. This is despite a foreclosure rate that’s a bit higher than the national average. For housing investors, however, this just offers additional opportunity for the possibility of good properties becoming available at reasonable prices which will then appreciate in short order.

Key Points:

  • 1There is a good cash flow market to be found in Indianapolis.
  • 2The home prices are expected to go up around 7 percent in Indianapolis by 2020.
  • 3Six interstate highways converge in Indianapolis, “The Crossroads of America”.

Indianapolis is also known as the crossroads of America with six interstate highways crossing through the town.