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IronClad was developed what one key thought in mind. . . Build a better future. Build a life that most people think only to be one deserved by those born into priviledge. To protect a better dream for your life and family. To make that dream possible in the now. Ironclad is a mindset, a rally cry for being more and serving more.





Our Properties

We find the best properties in Central Indiana using our proprietary formula to find the properties other investors will overlook.






Ironclad Process

We bring investors the opportunities to partner in three simple ways.

We work with our investor partners to identify which way is the best way for them to participate and what their level of involvement should be and then work to execute those co-created plans.


Portfolio Building

Wholesale properties to build a portfolio


Done for you

Managed wholesale and remodel



Full turnkey properties:

  • Buy and flip
  • Buy and rent
  • AirBnB properties


for sale

NEW TURNKEY DEAL : 3122 N Olney St. Indianapolis, IN 46218

3122 N Olney St. Indianapolis, IN 46218

For Sale

NEW TURNKEY DEAL : 804 Bayard Park Dr. Evansville, IN 47713

804 Bayard Park Dr. Evansville, IN 47713

How Ironclad Works

Ironclad is built to introduce, educate and allow investors to take advantage of one of the best and oldest business concepts.  Buy assets that appreciate in value and kick off cash flow.

This is the soundest and safest of investment in good and bad economies and when leverage in our unique way of optimizing disposition and acquisition we can take advantages of upturns and down turns. 

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