Episode 15 – Business Model Balance

Welcome to Galvanize - Will Hull from NuParadox talks with Dustin and Tony about balancing different business models, and relationships with money Subscribe Now

Episode 14 – Breakthroughs

Welcome to Galvanize - Will Hull from NuParadox opens up about breakthroughs he has had while leveling up his business.  Dustin and Tony share their thoughts.Subscribe Now

Episode 13 – Miracles

Welcome to Galvanize - Are you looking for miracles in your life?  Do you have an anticipation of good or bad?  How much little stuff are you letting get in your way?Subscribe Now

Episode 12 – Where Do You Put Your Focus?

Welcome to Galvanize - Focus, is it on capacity, or limitations, Dustin and Tony give their opinions.Subscribe Now

Episode 11 – How Raising Money Affects the Business.

Welcome to Galvanize - Part 2 of Dustin and Tony's talk with Jana Fuelberth about a series of topics.Subscribe Now

Episode 10 – Bring the Momentum

Welcome to Galvanize - Dustin and Tony talk with Jana Fuelberth about a series of topics.Subscribe Now
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Galvanize: The definition of galvanize is to shock or excite someone into taking action, or to coat with a protective layer. Our mission is to do both of these things for the builder, the entrepreneur, the small business owner. We are here to teach a mindset, a way to “land bank” wealth and to acquire assets that kick off cash flow and grow in value.

We are also here to help you face the challenges of a small business owner, earner and entrepreneur. To navigate the good, bad and the ugly by showing your our good, bad and ugly.

We have found this path of entrepreneurship and investing to be at times to be both exciting and frightening. To be lonely and overwhelming.

Our mission is to show you there is someone else in your corner. Our mission is to share our challenges and victories for building businesses and building wealth.


Our show will have rants, riffs, interviews, coaching, breakthroughs, frustrations, strategies, tactics and real world examples of what you can use right now.

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Tony Scelzo

Tony Scelzo


Tony is a serial entrepreneur and has coached over a hundred businesses, trained sales people and designed go to market strategies for companies.  He has written two books on business,  The Ultimate Tech Start Up Manual and The Domino Effect

Dustin Ruhl

Dustin Ruhl


Dustin has been the number sales person and deal maker at every job he has ever had for the last 15 years.  He has built two multi-million dollar real-estate businesses and construction companies in just 5 years.

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