Amazon has a new partnership with a company that is called Realogy. The gist of it is that you’ll basically be able to buy a home off of amazon with an agent from Realogy. Both amazon and Realogy work with another company named Turn Key. Turn Key is a major company and owns businesses such as Zillow and Coldwell Banker to name a couple. So they know the real estate business well and are experienced with home buying and online sites. In return you get an incentive of somewhere around 1 to 5 grand where you can buy electronics or whatever you may need from amazon that can help you with your dream home. This is a game changer for the future of home buying. They are currently testing it in the major populated cities of the United States such as New York and Chicago. There are currently 3,000 agents ready to go and work for amazons new project. So there are ample amount of realtors who can help and are seeing this as a new way to buy a home. Amazon is ready to get into the realty business and it is coming sooner than we all think.

Key Points:

  • 1There is a merger taking place between a real estate company and Amazon.
  • 2Amazon is looking to get into real estate and help people buy homes.
  • 3Amazon services for electronics and home needs will be available with the purchase of a home.

Once the buyer purchases a home, they can redeem complimentary Amazon Home Services and products ranging in value from $1000 to $5000 depending on the home purchase price.