In this article, JD Esajian begins by delivering a shocking fact that informs about hardworking Americans who are working longer and harder nowadays, yet receiving less pay. He suggests a good way to combat this issue is becoming educated with real estate investment. He believes that in order to be the most successful real estate entrepreneur, it is essential that one gets the proper education. He believes it will help one invest wisely, work smarter and as a team, and network with other helpful individuals. He suggests using FortuneBuilder to pursue this education because they help with providing knowledge and networking. The author then goes on to list twelve reasons why it is important to get a real estate investing education.The first three reasons discuss that there are countless opportunities for this education and it is useful to obtain at any age. The next few reasons discuss that it is one of the most powerful moves financially to make and could be useful in many different industries. Additionally, it is generally pretty easy for anyone to get educated in and is a low risk investment.To conclude his article, the author lists some inspiring quotes, facts, and a Q&A with a successful real estate agent.

Key Points:

  • 1The upfront cost is an investment to help secure your future.
  • 2Its never to soon or too late to start learning. Anyone can pick it up now.
  • 3No need to invest money out of pocket. There are many different ways to get loans.

A real estate investing education isn’t simply an opportunity to learn new things; it’s nothing less than a catalyst for today’s most successful investors. With knowledge, and the constant pursuit of it, investors will open up doors they never even knew were an option.